Benchmark Decisions Ltd.

Good benefit consulting transforms assorted requirements into solutions that fit the unique requirements of the benefit plan sponsor, including affordability.

Exceptional benefit consulting is hard to find. It involves creativity mixed with meaningful experience, integrity driven by purpose, and a strong commitment to efficiency.

Our consultants -- themselves a blend of talents -- have been co-ordinating clients' needs and resources in successful ways for more years than our firm has existed. With backgrounds in insurance underwriting, retirement planning, actuarial science, industrial relations, program design and documentation, and benefit communication, their work is governed by strictly-applied doctrines.

  • Patterns of service are dictated by client interests.
  • Related resources are employed to the client's advantage.
  • Consulting fees are defined by the quality of the service delivered; and they are offset by all sources of remuneration.

Exceptional benefit consulting can be arranged through the seven regional offices of Benchmark Decisions Ltd.