Development Of The PBAS Group

The PBAS Group --- namely Benchmark Decisions Ltd., Prudent Benefits Administration Services Inc., Student Benefits Administrators Inc. and Carelogix Health Solutions --- started forming in 1986. Collectively, they offer administration, actuarial and other benefits-related consulting services to plan sponsors across Canada. The PBAS Group now operates from seven regional locations, populated by about 160 staff members.

Back in September 1986, two people engaged in trusteed-benefit services accepted a commission to build a special administrative facility….special because it needed several regional outlets to serve one pension plan. Special, because, at that time, the pension plan’s membership was the largest, among all of the private-sector retirement programs in Canada. Special, because hundreds of employers were involved, from every corner of the country. And, particularly special, because the pension plan was answerable to every provincial regulator.  On that particular September day, however, the mission of those two founders was simply to christen their new firm.

Long schooled in analysis and problem solving, the founders followed their basic instincts. Their answer, to the ‘how-will-we-serve-clients’ question, was: ‘help them make sound decisions’. And, for the quality of those decisions, they borrowed the carpenter’s gauge of lasting value – the benchmark. The consulting firm was named Benchmark Decisions Ltd., or “Benchmark” for short.

The administrative facility was developed within weeks. Called Prudent Benefits Administration Services Inc. (“PBAS”), it was supported by the best IT systems, procedural guidelines and trained staff then conceivable. Although its one client had over 80,000 active plan members, the operating capacities, of PBAS, exceeded its production demands by a wide margin. Consequently, it was agreed that other users had to be found.

Benchmark, and the eventual sales arm, of PBAS went after the market. They added users for both of their services – administration and consulting. Along the way, they seized an opportunity to buy a block of business that catered to the health-care needs of post-secondary students. That grew into another corporation, called Student Benefits Administrators Inc. (“SBTA”). And, at that point, the owners of PBAS and SBTA bought Benchmark from its founders, and combined the three companies under the banner of The PBAS Group.

Most recently, Carelogix Health Solutions was formed to mitigate the cost ramifications of workers’ disabilities by expediting diagnosis and treatment. Half owned by PBAS, it rounds out the current contingent of interfacing organizations within The PBAS Group.

Currently, The PBAS Group serves benefit plans with a combined membership of more than one million participants.