Services Offered By The Member Companies Of The PBAS Group

A wide selection of services is offered by the member firms of The PBAS Group. Administration and Consulting Services may be chosen in various combinations to satisfy the unique needs of different users. Those users may be: the sponsors of pension, life, health and/or disability plans, of SUB, vacation-pay or scholarship programs, or, of field-dues and training funds; or, organizations, employed by plan sponsors, that may wish to sub-contract our services or our operating systems.

Disability Management, on the other hand, is primarily useful to the sponsors of income-replacement arrangements --- short or long term, and insured or self funded. Its success rests with the interaction and interdependence of its component parts so, unlike Administration and Consulting, the Disability Management Service comes as an indivisible package.

Administration Services

  • Develop and arrange policies governing administration management
  • Establish and maintain plan members’ records
  • Receive, record and account for contributions
  • Establish and maintain employers’ records
  • Pursue delinquent contributions
  • Reallocate contributions to banks, other trusts, and separately operated plans
  • Transfer assets to investment managers
  • Monitor and report investment transactions and results
  • Calculate and pay insurance premiums
  • Adjust hour-bank/dollar-bank credits and, otherwise, update plan-members’ records
  • Receive and validate benefit claims, and pension requests
  • Process and pay, or reallocate for payment, benefit claims and pension requests
  • Arrange meetings with plan sponsors, and record and distribute minutes/transcripts from such meetings
  • Prepare, distribute and explain interim financial reports for plans and trusts
  • Prepare working papers for annual audits
  • Prepare data for actuarial costings and valuations, for the Consultant’s reports, and for such other purposes as the plan sponsor may decide.

The systems, that support the foregoing services, are offered, on lease, to plan sponsors who choose to perform their own administration, or to other organizations that perform some or all of those services for clients.

Consulting Services

  • Determine coverage requirements and sponsors’ spending limits
  • Formulate plan design(s)
  • Anticipate coverage, benefit and other operating expenses
  • Propose benefit-delivery arrangements
  • Draft and circulate requests for proposal/quotation
  • Receive, analyse and report on proposals and quotations
  • Determine reserve requirements and related accumulation patterns; and, establish ownership controls
  • Negotiate underwriting arrangements & agreements
  • Analyse experience results & negotiate renewal positions
  • Draft operational documentation, such as plan texts, coverage descriptions, trust agreements, delinquency-control programs, participation agreements, merger agreements, governance programs, third-party service agreements, etc.
  • Effect plan & trust mergers
  • Establish, monitor & assess banking services
  • Budget plan & trust operations, and monitor results
  • Perform actuarial valuations, costings & other projections
  • Assist in the selection of other third-party services such as investment management, legal audit, etc.
  • Analyse, and report on, performance results of other third-party services

Disability Management Services, Which Are Packaged For Greatest Effect

Disability Management is focused on: fast, accurate diagnosis of cause; quick, thorough effective treatment; and, consequently, prompt recovery and return to work. The Management Service includes the following functions.

  • Determine plan sponsor’s expectations, assess past experience, and, draft management services consistent with both
  • Arrange appropriate roster of local caregivers, including independent, medical specialists
  • Establish arrangements with claims payers for procedural intervention, by PBAS, in the assessment process
  • Explain intervention initiatives to benefit-plan members
  • Adjudicate claims for validity and requirements of care; transmit care requirements, and claims, to payer
  • Monitor timeliness and effectiveness of treatment; and, intervene for improvement
  • Ensure patient compliance with prescribed treatment; and, intervene for improvement
  • Report (general) comparative results to plan sponsor, with recommended modification
  • Repeat the process as required