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Development Of The PBAS Group

The PBAS Group --- namely Benchmark Decisions Ltd., Prudent Benefits Administration Services Inc., Student Benefits Administrators Inc. and Carelogix Health Solutions --- started forming in 1986. Collectively, they offer administration, actuarial and other benefits-related consulting services to plan sponsors across Canada. The PBAS Group now operates from seven regional locations, populated by about 160 staff members.

The History of Benefit Trusts

The custom of sheltering benefit programs in inter vivos trusts is almost fifty years old. It has developed from inauspicious beginnings, as a compromise solution for a nagging political problem, to an innovative process espoused by organized labour and enlightened management. That evolution is chronicled below, to bring into focus the present popularity of trusteed benefit plans.

The single-employer trust was reborn

Rather amazingly, the 1990's (the last decade of this fifty-year odyssey) finds governments --- the original instigators of the trusteed benefit concept --- moving their employee-benefit programs to trusteeships. Even they (governments) have been sufficiently affected, by the complexities of their making, to choose a now-popular solution … the inter vivos trust.

The Duties And Liabilities of Benefit – fund Trustees

The Duties And Liabilities Of Benefit-fund Trustees have evolved, from old English Common Law, in concert with the protective trusts they govern. Generally stated, trustees must do everything possible to protect and enhance the beneficial interests of the people served by the trusts they control. They must: conduct their duties to the best of their abilities; make their decisions with complete evenhandedness; and, avoid any and all actions that might hint at conflicted interest.